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Employment Services

Employment Connection, JM Murray’s Employment Services Department, is a community-based service that assists people in obtaining and maintaining employment. The dedicated staff at Employment Connection works with individuals of all abilities to assist them in maintaining employment to increase their independence and thus raise their self-esteem. Employment Connection offers a variety of state and federally-funded programs which provide Employment Services to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to  independence including, Supported Employment, Direct Placement ServicesPre-Employment, and services for individuals receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families), and Ticket to Work.

Supported Employment

Individuals with the most severe disabilities are offered long-term support through Supported Employment. Through this service, we assist people in finding and keeping community employment, while offering them ongoing support for as long as they need it. This support is offered with a two-pronged approach providing both intensive services and extended services.

Intensive services are offered to assist the person through vocational evaluation, job development, situational assessment, placement and stabilization. Extended services provide the support necessary to help people retain a job, or if necessary, quickly assist them in finding new employment.

Direct Placement Services

Direct Placement Services, funded by Adult Career and Continuing Educational Services–Vocational Rehabilitation [ACCES-VR] provides job placement services to individuals who do not require the on-going and intensive services that are offered through Supported Employment. Among the specific services offered through direct placement are assessments, job entry, job placement services and related adjunct services, including benefits advisement.

Assisted Competitive Employment [ACE]

The ACE program is designed to assist individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder to obtain and maintain employment. ACE works to eliminate some of the barriers that exist in the delivery of vocational services to adults with mental illness who have not secured employment or have not been successful at maintaining employment without additional supports due to their diagnosis. The ACE Program gives priority to facilitating movement from mental health treatment and day services to employment.

The ACE-Client Worker Program develops individually designed volunteer opportunities so that participants can engage in a positive atmosphere where they will learn new vocational skills, work related soft skills such as punctuality, assertiveness and interpersonal communication with co-workers and supervisors and increase their confidence and self-esteem.  A weekly work group is convened where volunteers have the opportunity to share their experiences.

TANF Services

JM Murray’s Employment Connection also participates in a number of other services that offer employment support and assistance to individuals who receive public assistance or TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families). These programs include:

  • Job Search Workshop 
  • Department of Social Services (DSS) Comprehensive Employment Program
  • Disability Analyst

Ticket to Work

Employment Connection participates in the Ticket to program. This allows Employment Connection to serve Social Security beneficiaries and assist them in obtaining employment to eliminate their reliance on federal benefits. This program is voluntary for both the beneficiary and the network.

Individuals interested in applying for Employment Services through JM Murray’s Employment Connection may contact us at intake@jmmurray.com or (607) 756-0246.