Day Habilitation Services

JM Murray provides two different options for individuals with developmental disabilities, Site Based Day Habilitation and Non-Site Based Habilitation.


Participants of Day Habilitation Services at JM Murray are offered two distinct habilitation choices: Site Based and Non-Site Based. Site Based Habilitation offers part-time community involvement, while Non-Site Based offers full-time community involvement. Both services are designed to help people with developmental disabilities learn new activities, new skills, and improve existing skills. JM Murray also tailors habilitation services to individuals based on their skills, abilities, and preferences.


Site Based Day Habilitation offers a variety of services that primarily take place at JM Murray’s Bennie Road facility. These services are focused on various group activities, such as arts and crafts, science, cooking, leisure activities, fitness, and projects that give back to the community. Through these types of activities, participants learn a variety of new skills and sharpen existing skills, such as:

  • Social
  • Communication
  • Self-improvement
  • Personal responsibility
  • Personal care

Non-Site Based Day Habilitation offers a variety of services that take place within the community at an approved volunteer or a community activity site. Through volunteer opportunities, we offer people the ability to learn new skills or improve their existing skills. The activities for each participant are tailored to meet specific needs because it is our mission to put the people we serve first.


Both Site-Based and Non-Site Based Habilitation participants spend a portion of their time volunteering within their community. On average, Site-Based Habilitation participants take part in community-based activities two to five times per week. This time varies from person to person. Our caring staff customizes the services and activities for each individual depending on their personal interests and their medical and clinical needs.

Those who participate in Non-Site Based Day Habilitation develop meaningful opportunities through volunteer placements, leisure activities, and clubs that allow them to give back to their community. Community activities provide a chance for participants to build social and communication skills by increasing the number of people they interact with daily. They also learn basic safety skills, how to make healthier lifestyle choices, and how to establish personal responsibility and independence.


To further enrich their lives, all Day Habilitation participants have the opportunity to join in a variety of activities, including:

  • Dance
  • Massage
  • Music
  • Art
  • Pet visits
  • Horseback riding

Day Habilitation participants have the opportunity to use our sensory room to increase social and communication skills, awareness, and interaction with their environment and decrease the need for challenging or self-stimulatory behaviors. Additionally, individuals may get involved in a number of other leisure activities such as bowling, swimming, and fitness.

If you are interested in obtaining further information about Day Habilitation, please contact our Intake Specialist at or (607) 756-4041.