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JM Murray is the official vendor for OraLine and OraBrite products.

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In today’s business world, partnerships often transcend profit margins and market shares, embodying values like social justice, inclusion, and social responsibility. OraLine by JM Murray is a prime example of such a collaboration.

OraLine is a leading provider of dental supplies and oral care products, with nearly three decades of excellence. In 2023, OraLine merged with JM Murray. This merger created OraLine by JM Murray, a partnership committed to making a positive societal impact while achieving economic success.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Product Manufacturing

Merging with JM Murray, OraLine sources much of its product line from their manufacturing facilities. This ensures high-quality production while supporting JM Murray’s mission of providing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Sustainability Initiatives

JM Murray and OraLine are committed to sustainability. Together, they work on reducing waste, optimizing logistics, and implementing renewable energy solutions, amplifying their positive environmental impact.

Social Impact

OraLine aligns with JM Murray’s social mission. Every product manufactured by JM Murray provides valuable employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, helping them lead fulfilling lives and contribute to their communities.

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