Individualized Services

JM Murray understands that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families may require a great deal of assistance – we offer support to individuals and families.


JM Murray understand that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families may require a great deal of assistance. Whether you need help with finances, medical care, respite care, obtaining employment, achieving self-sufficiency, or just navigating the confusing network of programs and services, we offer support to individuals and families.


JM Murray’s Self-Directed Services offers the flexibility that can be missing from traditional services. Self-direction offers authority over how your service dollars are spent and the opportunity to select the staff that provides them. In order to participate in Self-Directed Services, JM Murray offers support broker services to guide you through the development of a self-directed budget and provide ongoing support.

JM Murray also offers Fiscal Intermediary Services as part of self-direction, providing administrative and billing support.


Our Family Reimbursement Program assists families who are caring for a member with developmental disabilities at home by covering a variety of costs to preserve and enhance the ability to provide in-home care. The services are customized to meet the needs of your family member. A variety of support services are also available, such as assistance with utility payments, food, clothing, furniture, recreational activities, safety devices, adaptive equipment, and other items not provided through any other funding source.


JM Murray’s Recreation Respite Program offers recreational activities to individuals while providing respite for families. We organize, coordinate, and accompany people on day trips and overnight trips. Some of our previous respite trips have included:

Day Trips
  • Movies
  • Bowling
  • Miniature Golf
  • Shopping
  • Picnics
  • Herkimer Diamond Mines
Overnight Trips
  • Water Parks
  • Turning Stone
  • Vernon Downs
  • Letchworth State Park
  • Niagara Falls


Are you or a loved one with developmental disabilities living alone and trying to make ends meet? Assistance is available to help people live on their own, rather than in a group home or with a family member. The program is designed to help you or your loved one maintain their independent lifestyle with assistance offered in the form of rent and/or utility stipends, to be combined with their income. Assistance to help you or your loved one gain an independent lifestyle may include help with one-time expenses such as moving, basic and necessary furniture, household goods, and security deposits.


Modifications may be needed in the homes or vehicles of individuals with developmental disabilities to enhance and enable independence. These adaptations or assistive technologies address needs related to physical, behavioral, or sensory disabilities and help ensure that a person’s health, safety, and welfare needs are met.

Assistive technologies may include alterations to the structure of a home, the addition of communication devices, or any other modifications that would allow individuals to have greater control over their own lives. Through this assistance, individuals can live with greater independence in and out of their home.

Individuals and families interested in obtaining more information about support services available through JM Murray should contact our Intake Specialist at or (607) 756-4041.