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Habilitation Services

Are you looking for services that will help your family member improve his/her social skills and become more independent? The Habilitation Services Department through JM Murray can help. At JM Murray we provide a variety of full and part-time services including Site Based Day Habilitation, Non-Site Based Habilitation, and At-Home Residential Habilitation.

Day Habilitation

Day Habilitation Services provides two different options for individuals with developmental disabilities, Site Based Day Habilitation and Non-Site Based Habilitation. Both services are aimed at integrating people with developmental disabilities into the community using a variety of activities from which they can choose. Integration into the community serves as a valuable experience in building self-esteem and social skills, which can lead to greater independence.

Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation Services at JM Murray assists individuals with developmental disabilities in acquiring and maintaining the skills necessary to function as independently as possible within their own home and community. In addition to helping participants reach their goals, this service also promotes individual choice, independence and community participation.

Obtain more specific information about our Habilitation Services by visiting Day Habilitation and Community Habilitation.