Required within 30 days: Fire Safety Training (3hr 15min)

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OPWDD Level 1 Fire Safety Training is a required training of all staff providing services at JM Murray.


This training is comprised of six video’s totaling just under 3 hours, followed by a test which contains 26 questions.  You will need to score 80% or higher on the test in order to pass.  If you do not score 80% or higher, you may retake the test up to 4 additional times.  If you cannot score higher than 80% after the last retest–you will be required to re-watch the video’s.


This training consist of 6 video lessons with a test after the last lesson.


**Each lessons is approximately 25 minutes, make sure you have enough time to watch the entire video in 1 sitting or else you may have to restart the lesson!