Inventory for Donation

Need Hand Sanitizer & Fluoride Toothpaste?


JM Murray has fluoride toothpaste and gel hand sanitizer that has reached it’s  best by date and cannot be sold on the market.  They are still very effective oral care and sanitizing products. The best by dates represent when the fluoride and alcohol can start dissipating making it less than normally effective but yet still effective.

We are looking to give the product away in full case or pallet quantities to organizations who could use large amounts of the product.    In cases where full pallet quantities are requested, local delivery may be available. This will be first come, first serve.

Available Product:

Fluoride toothpaste

  • 3 oz. tubes (72/case)
  • 4 oz. tubes (36/case)

75% alcohol hand sanitizer

  • 7 oz. bottles (192/case)
  • 4 oz. bottles (84/case)
  • 6 oz. bottles (30/case)
  • 9 oz. bottles (42/case)

Please send email to  to request products and quantities.

Deadline: JUNE 30th