Urgent Message Regarding 14c

Parents, guardians, advocates and consumers,

We need you to contact the local offices of our United States Elected Officials and let them know it is not OK to take away your right to work.


  • President Joe Biden Whitehouse Contact Us Page
  • Senator Schumer’s Syracuse Office   315-423-5471
  • Senator Gillibrand’s Syracuse Office  315-448-0470
  • Congresswoman Claudia Tenney’s Utica Office 315-732-0713


JM Murray takes no stance on the proposed legislation to raise the federal minimum wage, but we strongly oppose phasing out 14c of the Fair Labor Standards Act that allows us to offer the choice of work to over 100 individuals with disabilities at our 823 NYS Route 13 facility. The Raise the Wage Act of 2021 (H.R.603) Fact Sheet can be found here House Committee on Education and Labor


You can speak in your own words or we have these notes for you:


  • No one is forced to work under the 14c certificate. In fact, we encourage individuals to seek competitive employment if that is their desire.
  • The choice to work under the 14c certificate allows individuals the pride and dignity of earning a paycheck that they otherwise might not be able to achieve.
  • Eliminating 14c and forcing folks into non-paid work options such as volunteered work or Day Habilitation programs should be at the individual’s choice and not legislated to them.
  • Paid work is the best and least expensive form of habilitation.
  • Life is not fair. For most of the folks working under our 14c certificate, this is their desired and best option to work. No matter how hard they try or how many accommodations are made, full, competitive work simply is not attainable for everyone.
  • Meaningful work is subject to the individual and their family. It should not be legislated.
  • The average age of an individual working under 14c at JM Murray is 46. The average length of service is 13.3 years. The average work week is 20.58 hours. The average productivity level is 32.8%. Where will these 100 individuals find full competitive jobs and wages in an economically depressed county such as Cortland?
  • What other employer can say the best time of the workweek for the bulk of their workforce is Monday morning and the worst is Friday afternoon?


Parents, guardian’s advocates and consumers,

JM Murray will continue to advocate for you, but we encourage your voices to be heard as well.