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Parents, guardians, advocates and consumers,

We need you to contact the local offices of our United States Elected Officials and let them know it is not OK to take away your right to work.



JM Murray strongly opposes phasing out Section 14c of the Fair Labor Standards Act that allows us to offer the choice of work to over 100 individuals with disabilities at our 823 NYS Route 13 facility. Recently H.R. 2373 was introduced in the United States House of Representatives as a bill that would phase out Section 14c and deny you your choice and right to work.  The New York State Assembly bill A03103 would be even more draconian as there is no funding nor any timeline for a possible transition period.


You can speak in your own words or we have these notes for you:



Parents, guardians, advocates and consumers,

JM Murray will continue to advocate for you, but we encourage your voices to be heard as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]